Goalie Ryan Santini Wraps Up the Year with Toledo University

by Paramount Hockey

Photos by Toledo Univeristy

We extend our congratulations to Ryan Santini on his exciting new chapter with Toledo University! Ryan’s journey, from his junior days as a determined goaltender overcoming setbacks to his impressive coaching stint with Paramount Hockey, is truly inspiring.

As a goaltender, Ryan’s resilience and dedication shone through, even in the face of injury. His return to the ice showcased not only his commitment to personal growth but also his exceptional skills as a goalie.

Ryan’s time with Paramount Hockey not only highlighted his prowess as a goaltender but also revealed his natural talent for coaching. His ability to connect with young players and share insights from his playing days has left an enduring impact.

We eagerly anticipate Ryan's return to our coaching team this summer, where his experiences as a standout goalie will undoubtedly enrich the training sessions. Toledo University is gaining a passionate and skilled individual, and we have no doubt that Ryan will continue to excel in this exciting new endeavor.

Congratulations, Coach Ryan, on this well-deserved opportunity! Your journey serves as an inspiration to all.