Concordia Stingers Women’s Hockey Goalies Shine On and Off the Ice

by Paramount Hockey

Photos by Arianne Bergeron

In a season marked by dominance, the Concordia Stingers Women’s Hockey Program is shining brightly, thanks to the exceptional goaltending prowess of Jordyn Verbeek, Arianne Leblanc and Madison Oakes. With an undefeated record of 13-0, the Stingers sit comfortably atop the RESQ and USports rankings in Canada.

Jordyn Verbeek’s 7-0-0 record, boasting a 1.31 GAA and a 0.933 save percentage, leads the RESQ in GAA. Arianne Leblanc, not far behind at 6-0-0, holds a 1.48 GAA and a 0.922 save percentage, securing her second place in GAA. Together, they form an unbeatable duo.

Madison Oakes has demonstrated outstanding resilience and a team-first mentality that extends beyond the ice. Maddie’s dedication to supporting the team, both in practice and behind the scenes, contributes to the overall success of the Concordia Stingers Women’s Hockey Program.

The brilliance of Jordyn and Arianne is not confined to the rink. These exceptional athletes are also excelling in their academic pursuits. Jordyn Verbeek has been recognized as an Academic All-Canadian in Management, maintaining an impressive GPA above 3.7. Arianne Leblanc, on the other hand, has been awarded the Bourse de la Fondation Aleo, sponsored by the Government of Quebec, showcasing her commitment to excellence both on and off the ice.

Stinger's goalie coach Olivier Gervais, and the entire Paramount Hockey family shares in the joy and pride of witnessing Jordyn Verbeek, Arianne Leblanc, and Madison Oakes contribute to the success of the Concordia Stingers Women's Hockey Program.

In celebrating the Stingers’ undefeated streak, we commend the goaltending trio for their on-ice brilliance, off-ice resilience, and academic excellence. Their commitment to excellence sets a high standard, inspiring both teammates and fans alike. Congratulations to Jordyn Verbeek, Arianne Leblanc, and Madison Oakes on their remarkable achievements—here’s to continued success on and off the ice!